Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am very good at joining them. I am usually a little late in getting there, and stick around far longer than is probably appropriate, but alas, this is how I’ve resigned myself to be. However, I would like to separate myself from a mere follower. I am an extremist to the full degree—I will pour my heart, my soul, my being into this blog and make it my own. My dribble about being a composer, a musician, a baker, a knitter and all around domestic will be sung from the hilltops all because I said so.

And in the words of Milton Babbit (kinda1.), “who cares if you listen”? Because I will say it regardless of who may be reading, because I have an intrinsic need, like everyone, to express my opinions, thoughts, and emotions, to release them into the ether and let them go on their merry way to where they will.

I like this too, because it gives yet another dumping ground for one of my favorite websites out there: It’s a site for the goal oriented at heart. Part social networking, part self exploration, 43things allows users to list, order, prioritize, blog upon and remind themselves of (up to 43) things they are doing in their lives. It also allows users to cheer others on in their quests for self-betterment/enlightenment/indulgence and to create forums of discussion on how to accomplish certain goals they have in common. It is a great site, and I wish more people I know were on it. However, the fact that random people around the world are cheering me on, and that I am doing the same thing for others is also a nice feeling—a sort of paying it forward kind of thing. (ps I am not getting paid for this plug, although my many showers of praise might convince wary readers otherwise).

So this is where I shall stow short posts on my goals at, amongst other things I feel the need to chat about.


1. Milton Babbit didn’t coin this phrase, a magazine editor did, apparently. “Who Cares If You Listen” remains his most famous article on music, however, and the title is most certainly in the spirit of his ideas. I love learning new things from school!

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DiceyMay said...

Leah. Update this blog! I want to know the innards of your soul!